Topology optimization is an efficient structural optimization method used extensively in the automotive and aerospace industries for component design problems. A typical example is to minimize the amount of material (or weight) used for a component given certain stiffness and strength requirements. The method is an ideal fit with additive manufacturing (AM), as it provides a means for intelligently exploiting the design freedom.

Our in-house developed software is flexibly constructed meaning that we can accommodate the specific needs of individual projects. The earlier in the design process we get involved, the better the opportunities for high impact savings. We advise on the full path leading to optimized components, from correctly defining component requirements based on the structural context to obtaining and validating the optimized parts.

In order to ensure that our approach is always founded on the latest available research results we maintain a close collaboration with the leading research group within the field, the TopOpt group at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU).

The use of efficient control methods to eliminate manual post-processing is particularly important when using high-resolution topology optimization, as the optimized designs often have complex geometries, which cannot be handled by today’s CAD software.

Manufacturing-ready design

Topology optimization is often criticized for generating designs requiring a high degree of post-processing. However, by incorporating various control methods, the need for post-processing of optimized designs can be significantly reduced, or even completely eliminated. This saves resources on manual work and makes the optimized designs perform better as restrictions are taken into account already during the optimization process.

An important step is feature size control. Many variables, such as choice of manufacturing method, influence the minimum required feature size. We have efficient methods to assure that this constraint is satisfied.

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